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24 Hrs Hello Kitty Cafe @ Changi Airport


Thanks to my colleague who sent me the info of the new kitty cafe and I just so happened to be near that place. Hence I went to see the cute hello kitty cafe that is going to be opened officially from tomorrow 11.30am onwards. It was already opened as soft launch perhaps as I already see customers buying stuff and sitting in that place.

It was an open concept place so I probably would drop by after the craze is over to avoid the crowd haha.. since I managed to catch a glimpse of the interior just need to see how's the food like later on.

Schloss Johannisberg Castle


Schloss Johannisberg is a castle and winery in the village of Johannisberg to the west of Wiesbaden, Hesse, in the Rheingau wine-growing region of Germany.

However, due to the public holiday, we are pretty much visiting the garden of the castle.

At higher part of the castle, there's pretty good view of the area

Must take photo with the castle for sake keeping

And the river view of course..

Address: 65366 Geisenheim, Germany
Official Websitehttp://www.schloss-johannisberg.de/en

It's pretty much a place I would visit as I am actually on a road trip as it doesn't look that accessible after all.

Walking Around at Frankfurt on Sunday


There are really not much people around when we had the 2nd day of our trip at Frankfurt, 24 May, on a Sunday. None of the shopping areas are open sadly.. So it's mainly just walking around the museum street.. 
This Cafe is practically empty!
That's one of the church around the area

Taking photo with Greenman

More photos with the buildings..

That's my hubby sneakily photo bombing me haha..

The teddy bear that blows bubbles along the street
I think the bubble blowing teddy bear seem to be a popular icon in Europe as I saw quite a few different ones at different part of the region.

Jurassic Park - Senckenberg Museum


I was sorting my pictures when I saw the Dinosaurs photos that I had took while I was as one of the parks near Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt. It reminds me of the Jurassic Park movie I watched the previous week. I wasn't sure what's the name of the park but I wonder if it's actually called Jurassic Park too haha.
Me & Dino
This reminds me of the Hero that saved the lead in the Jurassic Park movie.. The Dino with short hands haha.. 

Here's the vegetarian Dino which is one of the victims that got killed by the monster Dino they created during the movie.. 

These should be the 2 main Dinos that you actually can take photo with at the park.. As we didn't like to visit museums so we didn't actually went inside the actual museum. But if you are keen, you can check out their site at: http://www.senckenberg.de/root/index.php?page_id=5256 

On Sunday / Public holidays, it's pretty much museums and castles or natural sightseeing places that you can do as all shopping malls / streets are pretty much close with just the food / restaurants that's opened. Which is why we decided to walk along the museum street. 

Christmas and my thoughts about the year


Christmas🎄 to me is a sign that the year had come to an end. There are many joyous events that happened this year, along with some sad ones. All events made me feel truly  blessed to have many good friends around giving me support in various ways.

Thank you, my friends for being there for me. Your presence made my joyous day more joyful and comfort on sad days.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to come!

Other Interesting things about London


High Tech Toilet
The high tech toilet is one of the places that you should experience should you ever visit London. It's pretty common in Italy and London I think. Make sure you try to read all the signs before going in.

Open Top Tour Bus
Normal Bus
I liked the London Cab design, it's pretty cute looking :)
Some of them even had special design on them

This is the special looking letter box

The Phone Booth that reminds me about superman
Classic Phone Booth