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Real Implications of 2G Service Termination for Singapore


I know the article about 2G service termination across singapore from 1st Apr 2017 was written in 2015. But how many of us actually understand the true impact of this termination then? Before things get terminated, we may have felt that since our phone is the latest model or it is at least new, the impact is minimal. But how true is that really?

Please, with Dual SIM feature, it's definitely not a Sunset! It is just the beginning of our agony.. :/

With reference to the article: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/telcos-to-end-2g-services/1916108.html. I mainly only realised the impact since 21 Nov but according to M1, they had terminated the 2G services on their prepaid M Card since 15 Nov. So what does this really mean to us consumers? It means that with the Dual SIM phones out there in the market, you are in for a ride! Because, with Samsung's flagship model S7 or even the exploding model Note 7 that's later than S7, the standby or non data SIM option is only on 2G (you can't change it to 3G or higher). Which means, if you had a pre-paid card such as M1, I'm not sure about other telcos. But once they terminated all the 2G in Apr 2017, it means that Singapore had successfully disabled many of the Dual SIM phones out there in the market because the standby SIM, will never work because 2G is now gone. 

There aren't many options out there with better dual SIM phones for purchase, at least for Samsung, there's definitely no such option available today. I heard that Xiaomi Mi 5 had 3G for the standby slot. So perhaps Xiaomi is really the way to go moving forward if you are looking for Dual SIM options.

But my 2nd SIM slot where I was trying to connect to M Card can't work anymore as I'm one of the people with a phone that didn't support higher than 2G for the 2nd SIM card slot that was on standby. I'm not sure if it was a hardware issue or a possibly software patch that would fix it. But there's no turning back of clock. 2G is ending soon and so will most of the Dual SIM feature.

I urge you that, if you still haven't got a new phone yet, DO NOT ever buy one because of their dual SIM feature, especially if the standby SIM slot won't support beyond 2G. You will regret it for sure unless IDA would reverse the change after reading my feedback to them. Or perhaps if more than just me had send through the feedback.

So what will you do?

Ashlynn's Birthday Party


My friend's daughter Ashlynn's birthday party is quite a happening one with cute yet tasty food for us all.
Home Team NS - Cooklyn Inc
Ashlynn's stats

Their family
Cinderella Balloon

Our photo, it looked as if it was Ashlynn taking it but actually it was due to her trying to take the balloon on my hand.

The irresistible almond cookies. So cute yet tasty just that the deco is a little too sweet :P

My lunch

Features in Note 7 vs S7


While using my replacement phone, I realised that a lot of the new software features I are still there or there's replacement features (aka workaround solution) on S7:
Note 7
Write on Screen
Draw on Image (from Gallery)
Samsung Notes
Need to download from Google Play store and is kind of complex to sync but it works fine
Secure Folder
Can just use the My KNOX app instead
Game Launcher
Customized Power Saving
Normal Power Saving (better than nothing)
Similar customization & themes available. Although I wish, we could backup themes too
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

24 Hrs Hello Kitty Cafe @ Changi Airport


Thanks to my colleague who sent me the info of the new kitty cafe and I just so happened to be near that place. Hence I went to see the cute hello kitty cafe that is going to be opened officially from tomorrow 11.30am onwards. It was already opened as soft launch perhaps as I already see customers buying stuff and sitting in that place.

It was an open concept place so I probably would drop by after the craze is over to avoid the crowd haha.. since I managed to catch a glimpse of the interior just need to see how's the food like later on.

Schloss Johannisberg Castle


Schloss Johannisberg is a castle and winery in the village of Johannisberg to the west of Wiesbaden, Hesse, in the Rheingau wine-growing region of Germany.

However, due to the public holiday, we are pretty much visiting the garden of the castle.

At higher part of the castle, there's pretty good view of the area

Must take photo with the castle for sake keeping

And the river view of course..

Address: 65366 Geisenheim, Germany
Official Websitehttp://www.schloss-johannisberg.de/en

It's pretty much a place I would visit as I am actually on a road trip as it doesn't look that accessible after all.

Walking Around at Frankfurt on Sunday


There are really not much people around when we had the 2nd day of our trip at Frankfurt, 24 May, on a Sunday. None of the shopping areas are open sadly.. So it's mainly just walking around the museum street.. 
This Cafe is practically empty!
That's one of the church around the area

Taking photo with Greenman

More photos with the buildings..

That's my hubby sneakily photo bombing me haha..

The teddy bear that blows bubbles along the street
I think the bubble blowing teddy bear seem to be a popular icon in Europe as I saw quite a few different ones at different part of the region.