♥ Ru on Saturday, September 20, 2008

What's Next for Me?

Sometimes I was thinking what is it next that I wanted in life? I do feel like changing line but not sure to what yet.

When I said why not I go and join SIA and become air stewardess but then my colleagues said. It's really not for me 'cos my character is not so suitable for such a job. Later I might get con or something. Perhaps they are just worried ba.

When I said that why not I open a shop to sell dessert, e.g. cheesecake, tiramisu etc? Then one of my colleagues told me.. good idea when ur dessert making skill is good enough to open one such that whenever ppl think of such dessert, they will think of you then I sell coffee, u sell dessert and we split the profit lol... Come to think of it. One of my best friends' dream is to open a cafe anyway and she said that she'll ask her hubby to invest in it haha.. all she needs to do is to make sure that it makes profit. When it's done, we are welcome to chip in a share.

Another colleague says.. maybe we can try to train until we can beat that lady that wins all of Singapore's 10Km women run. So another friend tell me.. ermm can by then she'll come and support me.. she gives me 10 yrs to do it lol.. So far I doubt it's possible la.. although by winning i'll make good money then I no need to depend on my job for money le. but then how am I supposed to run that fast?

But then come to think of it. I'm still not so sure if all that's really what I want. I'm not even sure of what is it that I really want in life. I just wanted to give my parents a good life in future and as long as I can live comfortably can le.


  1. Ruru.. from the way i m seeing it... just do wat your heart tells u too.. the rest are not impt..