♥ Ru on Sunday, October 19, 2008


Ended up sleeping around 1.30am on fri after the team building despite the fact that I already home around 11pm or so. Sent my printer for repairs and went to watch "Connected" on sat. 'cos I'm the subsitute for someone whom I dun even know haha and glowing brightly again of course but at least this time got more bulbs so even brighter haha. Overall the show is not bad. At least i got dinner company ba. No need to eat alone at home.

Had steamboat at my friend's new house with 2 other friends and her lg. The food is good and watched a ghost movie haha.. Managed to scare some of them with my screaming haha, well think I always do scare others ba. Can try asking me along if you are short of a speaker when watching such show. :P After that went to sim lim and bought the new TX100 epson printer today from Sim Lim. Didn't have time to check out the price. Hopefully I'm not conned 'cos that guy gave me a direct discount of $10 which ended up as $8 as I forgot to bring my posb atm card lol. But nvm la. At least it's $8 cheaper than the original price quoted.