♥ Ru on Sunday, November 30, 2008


Haha.. I spent most of the day creating recovery disk (1 set -- initial setting), install everything I want then create backup disk. Lol.. Yes I really need the backup... 'cos before I create the backup.. I actually configure until the DVD drive cannot use.. Such that ermm heng hor, Windows have restore point and I was constantly installing stuff.. haha.. So I'm not too sure what config went nuts 'cos I just restore and start again loh.. It's just day 2 nia.. I spoiled the software again lol.. Think maybe I should just not try to be too funny about my config ba..

Then I try to play the game, it seems like my pointer settings will affect the game play if I use pointer. A bit ma fan.. So maybe I should just use mouse for it ba. And something wrong about the map also.. I can see the floor.. yes.. But the pic of the mini and big map for one of the quest cannot be displayed. Now trying to find direct X to install. Hopefully it helps ba. At least most of the stuff is done le.. Maybe later I'll uninstall some useless stuff and backup again ba. Lol... Then I'll spend like a lot of DVD backing up my tabby. Maybe i shouldn't be too kua zhang ba.. See how then.

This is my tabby -- http://www.hardwarezone.com.sg/news/view.php?id=8024. It's already 1 yr old le ba.. I think that's why it's priced at a different rate now. Such things depreciate very fast haha.. I still figuring out how to register my warranty 'cos there's no card and there's no online means to do so. Weird.. But then come to think of I've nv registered my previous tosbiba also loh..