♥ Ru on Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Tablet

Hmm was thinking of not buying a laptop on fri before 8pm. Yes.. it's just before 8pm nia.. 'cos hor.. after that my friends told me that they got netbooks, hmm 2 got Lenovo S10 with 3 yrs warranty and 2GB ram ($788), and 1 got MSI Wind, 1 yr warranty and 2GB ram ($729). I felt a bit tempted so I ask and found out that there's no more ermm pink MSI Wind le. I thought maybe S10 looks nice too.. and got pink one but needs additional $20 la. Well.. sounds quite ok ba.

But then before I reached Expo today, one of my friend that got the S10 one, told me that S10 watch high resolution video locally a bit lag not sure what's wrong. But MSI Wind seems to be working find. But I still feel a bit sian 'cos the rating is just ok nia haha.. Somemore the game I wanted to play with it needs to set certain config one. so I wonder Maple or other games can play or not..

In the end, when I finally reached Expo!! The 1st stall was Toshiba haha.. So I nv get to go further inside except to enter lucky draw and the lucky dip. But didn't win anything la. 'cos I was at the stall for a bit too long le ba. I started asking about one laptop, then another one. Just cannot make up my mind haha.. 'cos the Tablet looks so nice (but not pink) but then the price is quite steep.. Others in comparison seems a lot cheaper haha.. But in the end, after the sales guy gave a lot of discount, I felt a bit too tempted so I ended up buying a Toshiba R400 lol....

On the way home on the bus, I was bored so I started reading the phamplet.. Realised that it seems like there's no DVD drive.. OMG!! In the end, I went all the way down to Expo again with my friend and her hubby to try and get one. So the deal was not bad but very time consuming. haha.. So I ended up wasting money again.. lol