♥ Ru on Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas & Bday Gathering.

Had a Awesome Christmas and Bday Gathering today, with my gang. Ate dinner @ Sushi Tei. The mango roll was really nice. The drawing of lots for present exchange was took a very long time as we keep drawing ourselves over and over again. Even redraw also ended up drawing our own presents back haha. I managed to draw myself twice in a roll lol. Somemore I'm the 1st to draw for that 2 lots, yet  I drew the same lot! Eventually managed to sort things out and got toiletries (scent) for present then I go and exchanged for a big doggie haha. It's cute loh.

Christmas Present :D
Front View of My Cute Doggie
Got a necklace and baking book for present. I like the baking book more haha. So I shall continue to bake and make my family guineas pigs haha.. hmm my brother's cookies are still around. maybe should bring some to work and eat when hungry haha..
My Baking Book Bday Present!
Nice Necklace, right? ;)