♥ Ru on Monday, December 8, 2008


Was not willing to go back office 'cos I feel very sian about doing OT over the weekend leh.. Heng the things I need to do works if not I'll need to go back le..

Hee.. But I think I'm a bit mad ba 'cos I actually went gym today.. Ya.. after my 10km run, I went for body balance la.. to stretch my muscles a bit so that it'll get better loh.. Then somehow after the class was body combat. Felt a bit tempted so I stayed for like 30mins and ran away after that 'cos I was too tired to continue haha..

Maybe I really shouldn't exercise too much or maybe is the food that I ate haha.. a bit heaty now ba.. I feel that maybe tml i might get sore throat. I shall try the preventive measures again and hopefully I'll ok tml.