♥ Ru on Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Gathering @ Brewerkz

Hmm.. Yesterday or should I say a few hrs ago ba.. Had a big holiday dinner gathering. 'cos there are like around 20 ppl attending haha.. Saw one mia long time friend. Didn't really chat much maybe I still wasn't very sociable ba. Most of the dec babies received a bday present, including me. Mine was an adorable gray doggie banker. I think others got the black ones ba. The coin is to be fed in through the mouth de. but then to take out money, it's Ouch. 'cos u need to break its neck to get the coins out. Poor doggie, I wonder if I should put money inside haha.. Ok I better go and sleep le.

The cruel instructions about taking out money.. Break it's neck by force. Ouch

The Dog

The dog's mouth