♥ Ru on Sunday, December 7, 2008

Std Chart Run

Wanted to wake up much earlier 'cos our company is taking photo before the run. Supposed to reach at 7.45am. But I was a bit cannot make it so only managed to reach at 8am haha.. at least this time run, I won't be late for the run ba. I think at the last 2Km of the run, I feel that it's pretty much of a scam. 'cos hor.. the 1st 5km at least when i see the 5km mark, it seems like it's so fast halfway through le.. then the last 2km, it's was like so long loh. When I see the 42Km mark, it says 195m more to go. After I finally saw the finishing line, I just ran through it and was very glad that it's finally over haha.. Most of my friends thought that the last 2Km was super long for some unknown reason.. Maybe it's actually not just 2km after all..

Went back to work and had steamboat dinner at the punggol area. The food there was good and got super windy private dinning area haha. Yes and also private dinning area for the mosquitos or insects too (their food = us loh).. Got a few bites from them that got swollen after i use the wet tissue to wipe that area. Hopefully they are ok by tml if not jia lat.