♥ Ru on Sunday, January 4, 2009


Woke up late 'cos I watch the "Ah Long Pte Ltd" DVD with my parents last night haha.. Slept at 2am lol. 'cos the show was long. Didn't managed to wake up early for gym 'cos too tired le. But still went for it after lunch.

While walking towards from gym to citylink, as I passed by Esplanade, there's this path that has this videos playing de if not is those art decos la.. I was looking at it and walking at the same time and I actually walked into a PILLAR.. haiz.. heng i didn't walk too fast if not super pain liao.

Then went to deliver some stuff and shun pian repair my specs 'cos I was too clumsy le. haha.. my specs got out of shape 'cos I knock into the cupboard door.. -.-" Hopeless sia.

Later need to go and eat more peanuts else where.. haiz.. I just felt that Life's so fragile. I wonder how much more time do I have.. I'm not young le, but still doing silly stuff and was still clumsy and blur at times.


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