♥ Ru on Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rubbing Eyes too much is bad..

Yesterday when bathing that time, my right eye felt a bit irritated and itchy so I go and rub it but then I think I really rubbed too much or so.. So much that it got red and swollen.. The main cause of my issue is with the shower foam going into my eyes I guess. And I almost couldn't see 'cos it's a bit too swollen liao. I was rather scared actually, hoping that everything will be fine when I wake up the next day. I was thinking to myself.. what if it didn't get better and I go blind how?

Fortunately, it really due to too much rubbing of eyes. 'cos after I see the doctor, it was almost ok le.. Maybe even if i dun see it'll get well too ba.. but then maybe see doctor le. it'll be faster ba. At least it's well and good by afternoon. So glad that I still can see.. 'cos I prefer to see colours and light than to be in darkness forever. I wonder how the blinds get along with life. I shall not rub my eyes again for as long as I can restraint myself from it.