♥ Ru on Saturday, January 3, 2009

Vegetarian Wedding Dinner

Well.. I actually spent most of the day looking for missing items... Didn't managed to find the intended stuff but managed to find a replacement. Looks a bit funny but nvm la.. after all it's better than nothing ba haha..

Then I was thinking of what to wear to the wedding dinner 'cos most of my dress have become tight le haha.. In the end, I've decided to dress innovatively haha.. Wear the dress that I wear to work for wearing dinner and managed to find a brown ribbon from another skirt de haha.. to decorate it lol.. Since there's several ways to wear that dress anyway.. So I shall wear it a different way from the usual way that I wear to work. haha.. Somehow, I forgot to take my scarf. The place is actually quite cold due to the direct wind from the aircon.. haiz..

Luckily, my boss called me to check if I'm lost haha.. 'cos I was lost. If not maybe until 9pm I may still be looking for the place then maybe give up and go home le haha.. It's super crowded and hard to find ba I think. On ya the food haha.. Personally, I dun like the taste of fake food e.g. fake char siew, fake meat, fake prawn or anything fake.. I wonder why must vegetarian eat vegetarian food but make bean curd and other stuff into fake meat etc. Doesn't it defeats the purpose of eating vegetarian food? But after all that's how I felt ba. Overall, the food was ok loh.. haha.. I would prefer the typical type of wedding dinner meal 'cos at least it tasted better and more real haha..