♥ Ru on Sunday, March 15, 2009

IT Show

Hmm.. For this IT fair, I've broken my record by going everyday (4 times) when I'm not working there lol..

Day 1
I bought 3 mths ink supply and collected netbook leaflet for my friend.

Day 2
I bought lappy protective cover ($20) which, I only pasted the part for the handrest area. So, I've managed to cover the entire lappy with protective shield except the bottom part lol... It's a bit kua zhang ba.. but still ok la.. I kiasu ma hahaha.. But then I feel a bit cheated by the IT show when I realised that the kitty lappy cover was selling at only $3.90 at hougang plaza.. LOL.. it's like u know I can buy hmm 10 X kitty design by buying 1 lappy cover from the IT show. Heng, I bought the transparent one.. If not I'll feel that I really wasted my money ba..

Day 3
I didn't buy anything lol.. well actually I didn't planned to go there de.. But then.. I still ended up there.. 'cos my friends want to buy netbook ma.. The 2 netbooks should be quite a good bargain ba I guess.. 'cos the person that gave them all the freebies wasn't even the person that will get commission from selling it LOL.. Got slight discount in the warranty extension, RAM upgrade (Std) and 3 other freebies.. Unfortunately, they ran out of mouse.. So too bad for that part ba.. If not I think they'll get mouse as well hahaha... The promoter seems to be trying to sell the netbook to me instead of my friends haha.. 'cos I ended up doing all the bargaining lol..

Day 4
Well.. I ended up with a laptop slip case that has shock absorbent one ($10 nia) so should be not bad ba haha.. And a power saver item with 3 yrs warranty LOL.

I think I've managed to cause a few ppl to spent money including myself hahaha.. But the thing is.. at IT show.. U will certainly feel that there's no recession at all. How can there be recession when it feels like everything should be free ba.. If not why are there so many people going everyday? Imagine there's even a queue to get through a glass door leading to the show OMG..