♥ Ru on Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Sat..

Went for a swim this morning. Long time never swim le, kind of miss the pool and the sun. Luckily, it only rains quite some time after I came back from the swim. So I'm a bit more tan le ba.. Should look a bit healthier now, I guess.

I've managed to get my anti-virus s/w back to normal state haha.. I better stop corrupting my OS and software and try to use things more normally ba. But then, how do you define normal leh? I've been using things the abnormal way for a very long time ba. Especially when I keep finding ways to make things work the way I want it to haha.

I'm now trying to make my dad's stuff easier to do so that I can educate him and let him do the easy task himself and at the same time be able to allow more than 1 person doing it at the same time when there's a lot of stuff to be completed. I wonder when I'll finish this.