♥ Ru on Friday, March 6, 2009

Out of Ink..

Hmm all along, I thought that I've buffered enough supplies that I shouldn't run out when I needed.. But today, I actually am short of 1 printer ink color and can't print the stuff I needed to. LOL.. ironically, I've 1 extra black ink.. Sound like a miscalculation and prediction of the amount of ink I needed of each color. IT show is a few days more -- next week so I guess. I didn't have a choice and have to get the more expensive ink le.. yes.. normally IT show have about 20% discount on all ink.. so for $9.90 ink, I can get it for around $7.90 haha. So normally I tried to buy my ink there and in order not to buy too much, I need to top up at every single IT show.

Feel a bit sian about it..