♥ Ru on Friday, May 8, 2009

1st day without my best friend at work..

Hmm quite miss her ba I guess.. Didn't have a lot of motivation to work.. in fact I called it no motivation at all haha.. The fact that I work till almost 8pm is just so that I can finish typing what I'll need to and pass to ZN so that I can wash my hands on it haha.. Now just left informing my boss of my decision on which proj to change to le haha.. Sorry ZN but I've already tried my best to make ur life a bit easier le.

After all, I was totally sian and unhappy in the entire day at work.. The happiest time today is --- now.. 'cos I'm away from work for the next coming week for my course. Yeah!! :) Ok so now I need to do something more meaningful le.