♥ Ru on Saturday, May 2, 2009

At the Crossroad..

Hmm.. Haven't been updating my blog for a very long time.. I was actually still standing at the cross road of life. Trying to decide and just couldn't really make up my mind what is it in life that I really wanted. I believe that I do need to choose something in which I will have no regrets over. And most importantly, I do need to convince myself and not just keep changing my directions and mind whenever something different happen haha.. Well I've just send in a application to a course that will bond me for 3 mths.. but somehow it appears that it may not necessarily be approve and applied for. So far after 1 week, there's still no results so I'm not too sure what happened to it haha.. I guess.. At this point in time, It probably no longer matters anymore le. After all, I'm still not too sure what is it that I wanted in life.. LOL...

I've just spent my entire day reading the M6 text book. Trying to summarize the entire book for personal knowledge as well as to prepare for the exam. In fact, I'm not exactly sure if this is what I wanted in life. But since I've already paid so much for it.. I shall pass it in 1 exam. Yes, I'll pass the exam 'cos it's quite expensive so far haha. When I applied, I thought the book will be interesting but then.. In fact, after reading for a day makes me feel so tired mentally haha.. Drowning in the word and aching hand from all the writing of its summary. I believed that if I put in enough effort, time and energy, I will pass it.

Now trying on the technical analysis chapter.. well it's really about reading the charts and stuff as such.. Initially when I read it, I looked at our stock market for more live reference chart. I thought that the market should go up a bit more on monday.. But then as I read on.. the book says that volume played a part in the market so i referred to it again. Well.. The volume and the directions both showed signs of a bearish market. It's in fact is still pretty bearish for quite a number of stocks (to me it's most of them haha). But the book didn't tell me how to look and see in a bearish market, how to tell when the stock price will continue to go up or be coming down soon.. Or perhaps I haven't seen enough and need more practice i guess. In that case, perhaps I should just do a prediction every few days then write down until I get it right 80% of the time ba I guess..