♥ Ru on Friday, May 22, 2009

Exams -- Passed

Yeah!! I've just cleared the M8 and M9 papers today.. So glad.. M9 is quite hard 'cos there's are some things that the old book of mine dun have so I totally didn't read that part at all.. So I ended up a bit shocked and worried at the exam haha.. So glad that I've passed it once and for all this time.. Hee..

Now need to start preparing and take my next upcoming 3 papers in jun le haha.. Well it's again.. a full day exams sort of thing... 3 papers in 1 day.. Today's gap is too big.. a bit sian and bored during the break LOL... Then I can't start reading the next item in the list 'cos If I read liao what I've just read finish may just get wipe out haha.. or get memory error.

Today I got a MRT seat offer from an ang mo 'cos I was reading for the next exam and carries a big bag haha.. I think so far foreigners are "kinder" souls than locals ba.. Most of us didn't even give up our seat to those pregnant ppl even let alone a person reading and standing at the train.. So far I fear rejection so much that I just got up and move aside hopefully that the old uncle / auntie will just take my seat instead of some inconsiderate people.. And by far I've only about 80% success rate 'cos I didn't directly offer the seat so at times some youngster or strong healthy & fit looking adult will just take the seat ignoring the old uncle / auntie standing around. Haiz.. Maybe I should just be a bit more direct ba.. haha.. But at times I'll also just suan le haha.. and continue sitting down especially if I've got too much things to carry lol.. So after all, I'm still not that nice haha..