♥ Ru on Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sun Course @ Orchard Forum

Well, for the entire week, I'm attending course at orchard haha.. Got a long break from work I guess. And the food is nice haha.. So far sun's tea break are the best liao..

Today on the way home, I thought that bishan's interchange to go serangoon is open.. U know that circle line haha.. 'cos hor.. they always broadcast Bishan as the interchange. (I heard that on my way to orchard 'cos my dad drop me at amk to take train from there) So I ask the uncle at the station. He said no no.. u need to change at dhoby ghaut not bishan, the circle line is still open.. Then he continue to chat with his friend saying why so many ppl asking and thinking that the circle line is opened. So I went amk and take bus home from there instead 'cos It's too ma fan to take all the way back to dhoby and change to NE line le.. haha.. Today on the bus.. it's a unforgettable ride.. 'cos I saw this uncle openning beer and drinking inside the bus... Yes.. drink beer inside wow.. He sounds a bit strange 'cos he keeps asking if ppl wants a seat.. Then they all rejected him until there's this pair of kids (siblings) that took those seats. Thanks to them if not he continue asking and asking.. Then he told that using something like sign language that says it's dangerous.. Should sit down so that you won't die or something like that to those kid.

Thank god, he alighted at somewhere near the famous hougang chalet and ended the exciting bus ride. I wonder what's the uncle trying to do... Hopefully he dun try more stuns the next time round haha.. Drinking beer is bad enough le ba. I guess.