♥ Ru on Sunday, May 3, 2009

A very full day

Ate lunch at soup spoon, tea break at burger king and take away dinner from koufu haha.. Actually the tea break was meant to be dinner then since my bro offered to da bao dinner for me then I shall just eat normal dinner ba haha.. Somemore I managed to finish the entire bowl of my favorite mee tai mak. I think it's time to have a more normal lifestyle ba.. I quite missed my mama (she went genting) and her dinner. So I shall go home on time and eat dinner on monday haha..

Went to the harries clearance sale at suntec today, along the way shun pian collect my friends of eng wah card and zingrill preferred card lol. The card actually looks not bad wanted to take a pic and post online but then.. it reminds me of my camera that departed from me during my trip to malaysia last weekend. I think maybe it's sign that I should just get myself a new camera haha.. But I shall wait for the next or next next IT show ba.. So that at least it's not so ex.. after all.. I dun really need it urgently haha..

Oh ya.. the harries clearance sales have all stationaries at 20% off and I bought quite a number of notebooks to write my notes on lol.. Those from ah law will probably not be enough if I wanted to take lots of exams haha.. Yes.. I've decided to upgrade myself a bit more.. And study more things, open up more possibilities and path in life then see which one goes better and just take that path ba.. haha.. Also I've got myself another A5 zip file that spoiled pretty often as I'm not so gentle to it haha.. But then again.. perhaps it's a sign that I should get myself a more useful one ba. Whichever it is.. I've also got a everything about personal finance book haha.. Looks not bad. 'cos all books have 25% discount.. Bargain books got 50% off but those 50% off are quite not much use books to me.. mostly is those cook books, baking stuff that I already have plenty le.. And it reminds me that I've not done my baking for so long. haha.. If not is just some art books and those books that i liked more only got 25% discount but I shall not buy too much 'cos also no time to read anyway haha.. hmm since i got so many notebooks le. I shall compile all the essence from those books I like.. haha..