♥ Ru on Sunday, June 21, 2009

Expo Course..

Hmm well the FileNet course at Expo was pretty boring.. More of installation and configuration. But the guide etc wasn't exactly very helpful. Without a in depth step by step guide like the 1st configuration being taught, it's just very confusing lol.. Must see how it goes le ba.. All I can do is to read all the books and summarize them into 1 book or so ba.. 'cos it's confirm impossible to bring the 13 books over to where the installation should take place de.. IBM was pretty mad to just give us hard copies of the books.. Where got course give 13 think books of notes de? haiz.. so many trees died for the sake of that course wow.. After I finish my summary, I'll just recycle those books.. 'cos really no point keeping so many of them.. with only a few useful pages per book somemore... Hardly anyone else will bother to send them for recycling in the event that I ever pass them on to someone else..