♥ Ru on Saturday, June 6, 2009

SPCA flag day!

Yeah, I've completed the SPCA flag day. But then 'cos I wanted to help but not that hard working so I only take the tin and tried to get donations for 1hr and 20 mins haha.. After all, the far east plaza's bridge linkway to the DFS Galleria was shaking rather vigorously for a while, hence I was a quite scared and dunno where else to go and decided to just report the case to the security guard and end my volunteer work haha.. At least I've tried my best during that period of time to help those animals. :)

Hoped that the bridge gets checked as what the security guard told me, and get fixed up and certified to be safe if not I'm just worried that what if it collapse with people on top or with cars below.. Hopefully, it's just me being paranoid haha. What I can do is just to pray that all is well for that bridge, the cars below it, and the people on top of it. Maybe it's just 'cos there's lots of vehicles travelling under it at fast speed with someone running across that bridge that caused the big vibration. 'cos it's not just me that felt it, the boy that donated also felt me and tell me that it's best to leave the bridge soon and notify somebody.