♥ Ru on Friday, June 26, 2009

Thinking things through

After all that happened these few mths, actually to many people it should be just 2 mths.. But to me it's sort of a major change in my life I guess. So many things happened within a short 2 mths of my life and sometimes, I like what happened and sometimes I doesn't. Whichever it is, I've come to realize that I always take more days to calm myself down and think through things in life before making a decision that impacts my life. Having a few more days of thought usually won't hurt much but it will affect what will happen to my life. Especially so, if the decision will have a bigger impact.

If 3 more days can prevent me from future regrets in life, why not? If thinking more and taking a lower impact option can also achieve the same thing several mths down the road, it's still a choice. At least a less risky one ba. I've come to realized that a lot of things in life, it's really better to minimize the risk involve wherever possible.