♥ Ru on Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hectic Life

Nowadays life's getting more and more hectic, especially so after I decided to do part time haha.. Now, everything that happen must be planned for. If it's too last min, I probably can't make it. LOL. I hope that I can have more time ba. But although I'm very much busier now, but at least life's much more meaningful for me.

But after my boss told me that he needs to analyse and think about my situation, I wonder if I'll encounter problems soon. But nvm la, all I can ever do was to remove one obstacle at a time till I get to the destination.

The only unbelieveable thing that happened today is just about the Fly that lands on my horfun's meat then it walks towards the liquid part of it and drowned. It rather drown and get chase off my food leh.. I really can't understand what the fly is thinking. But doesn't matter la.. After all, who can? haha.. I probably won't have that much time to update my blog about my life ba.. at most is a few lines now and then nia le haha..