♥ Ru on Sunday, July 19, 2009

My foot..

Thanks my friends for your concern towards my swollen foot.. Actually after due to some uncertain reasons, my foot ended up twisted twice, about once a week 'cos the 1st time was the wed before last week and the 2nd time was last thurs, suddenly, the pain started again.. I was like so sian loh.. Thanks to my kind colleague, kong that send me to the seiseh to get it bandaged again. Thanks to my other kind colleague and neighbour for dropping me at my void deck. I managed to get home save and well on thurs. So far it's still a bit swollen.. I've iced it and applied the western ko yok on it but dunno why it's still swollen sian.. Actually, it just feels strange ba.. the freedom of moving that particular foot wasn't there and it was a bit tight actually.

Now I guess the only thing I can do is to pray that it get well soon ba. haha.. what else can I do le? At most is apply medication on it myself gently loh. haiz..