♥ Ru on Friday, August 21, 2009

Class Gathering..

Went to site today. Was running out of time but thanks to my nice collegues that drop me at the mrt, I was quite in time for the gathering ba (late by around 15-20mins). 'cos I think I stink so I went to bath 1st at the gym lol. Well should be quite ok ba.. 'cos my highest record of being late is about 2 hrs I think. That time I was thinking to myself that I almost didn't want to go 'cos it's really so late le. But still my friends waiting for me. I was actually quite touched and didn't want to disappoint them so I just go loh.

Well, since I haven't utilise my membership for so long. Occasionally use the bath room also not bad ma haha. Can still use the facilities, Plus there's always more to the equipment and exercise part of a gym what haha.. Maybe I got time should just go and use the steam bath suan le.

Had a successful class gathering today 'cos there's 9 ppl showing up. Originally there's supposed to be 14 'cos there are 2 that's bring spouse along but ok la. 9 ppl not bad le. at least more than half the class last time.

Catched up with the rest and chatted on a lot of things. After all, it's still also 10 yr anniversary of knowing each other haha. Quite enjoyed their company and the gathering. Just that I don't really like the idea of being the air, and there's a live demo today haha. But nvm la, no matter what happens today or yesterday, it becomes part of my life and it's what that have happened so far that made me what I'm today. So, life still goes on..