♥ Ru on Thursday, August 27, 2009

The coin that likes porridge

During lunch today, there's a $1 coin that likes my porridge so much that it jumped into it instead of landing on my hand. But after all, for every unlucky thing that happened, at least something better happens which at least minimize the impact of the suay event. For the prawn noodle I ate yesterday with a strand of hair in it. At least, I'm full by then and I didn't have upset stomach. For the coin that's hungry and ate my porridge today, at least the auntie was nice enough to make me one more. At least it wasn't that bad after all.

For the past few mths in my life that perhaps I made some rash decisions and regretted after that. Well, it did upset my full time career a little or maybe a lot. But actually, it really doesn't matter that much. At least, I've got more time, more fun, is much happier and less stressful now. I really think that it's good. :)