♥ Ru on Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's so hard to organise a gathering with very busy friends haha. Well in fact, I'm the most free of them all lol. To me time is something which is important to me. With the limited time resources available throughout my lifetime, I do prefer to optimize the spending of time. As a result, I've really not watched movie for such a long time and whichever show I watched, either I watched in max possible speed (around 1.5X fast forward + manual fast forward) or I just read the story from the magazine suan le lol.

Just now, I was trying to organise a gathering of which the date has been postponed till further notice. 'cos my 3 friends, 1 busy getting married, 1 busy with studies, 1 busy going tour. But at least I'm sure we will definitely see each other soon. Even if the gathering failed to be executed, at least we will certainly see each other on my friend's wedding dinner haha.

Wanted to go swimming today but it's still raining outside. Nvm, so maybe it's time to finish up my stuff ba.