♥ Ru on Thursday, August 20, 2009

Metal Strip in the Porridge

Today is a rather unlucky day for me.. 'cos dunno why it's always me that kena such things loh..
That time is a strand of hair in the rice, today is ermm well a thin strip of metal, similar to the item used for washing pot in my porridge. Well, the uncle don't look very stunned and didn't seem that keen on his business. Until I started to say quite aloud that they are lucky that I don't have camera phone is not I should just take photo and post it onto stomp.. then, after like say 10 mins later, the auntie walked to my colleague next to me and ask if it's his porridge she should change as it's the same porridge and he ate half of it as he's quite full.

In the end, she changed one for me. Actually the porridge taste not bad and is quite worth the money la.. just I'm always so unlucky kena such stuff in the porridge nia. What to do?