♥ Ru on Thursday, August 27, 2009

ST Run..

The book I've read today says that for ever bad / unfortunate event that happened, there's always something better that is bound to happen. And come to think of it, it's really true.

I really want run the standard chartered marathon. At least, if I can't run now, at least I can still swim, although my foot still feel a little strange at times, but at least it's now getting better. I've some friends that said why do you have to run all the time. Do you really like running so much? actually, yes, I think I do love to run marathons a lot. 'cos during that period in time, I felt very carefree, there's only one thing in my mind and that's to finish the run. Every water point is an encouragement to continue running further and every step brings me to the destination. Perhaps that's really the only time in my life that I've 100% control over what I'm doing and what I want to do and no one will stop me from doing it. That's why I love that feeling.

Well for the upcoming ST run, actually, I would love to join it's just that I'm still scared. But since the deadline to sign up hasn't reach yet. I shall just train my stamina by swimming then. My next swimming target is that I want to swim 30 laps in 45mins by sep 11. At least, if I can do that, my leg should be more or less better le. I shall work towards achieving the goal and continuing what I like most in my life.