♥ Ru on Saturday, August 22, 2009


Went swimming in the afternoon today. Find it nice to have the entire pool to myself haha.. 'cos the NYP pool got only me swimming at that time. At 1st there's 1 more person that left not long after I got into the pool so 80% of the 30 - 40 mins that I was there, there's only me haha..

I think that's the only pool that will have such incident happening ba. The rest of the ppl there are either in the shade chatting or sun tanning on th chair. But then maybe 'cos it's the 7th mth ba.. But I only realised that after I got into the pool so nvm ba.. After all, it's bright day time and I didn't hurt anyone so should be ok de ba.

So far I only managed to swim about 250m ba haha.. cannot make it wo.. I think I rested so long that my muscle is really weak. Need to buck up and swim more ba.. since that's the only activity that's safe to do now. I think once I'm able to swim like what I can before around 1.5Km in 45 mins should be ok le. But I've no idea when I'll ever reach that state of fitness level haha..