♥ Ru on Friday, September 11, 2009


Went to Comex today with my fellow colleagues. Bought a new 32" LG LCD TV @ $579. Ok la.. at least for once it's within my budget haha.. and $20 below it. So should be ok ba I guess. Also got myself a new external hard disk so that I have beyond 80GB of space haha.. Also for backup purpose loh after all, with the price nowadays, it's more environmental friendly at least. DVD are less friendly 'cos I cannot recycle the space unless it's a rewritable but then if that's the case then harddisk seems cheaper ba..

For the LCD, there's not exactly any free gift 'cos I didn't succeed in bargaining this time haha.. For the harddisk, it's quite ok la.. got free cute speaker and Acronics True Image to clone my laptop for backup le.. so ok la.. not bad ba I supposed haha.

But I forgot to buy a new mouse lol.. so I still need to survive without one.. haiz.. Think I should just go and get one ba.. Was thinking if I should get another kitty de or a normal mouse. For the similar price actually kitty is a bit cuter haha. The durability is about the same ba I guess.