♥ Ru on Friday, September 25, 2009

Movie on thurs.

Well, went to the cathay to watch a movie with my friend since she got free ticket so ask me go along loh.. The movie was very very violent, about world war 2, heng it's free haha.. 'cos if not I think neither of us 2 will go and watch such movie ba. Imagine the head cut off and printing cravings on the forehead as a mark of identity for the enemy forces that they decided not to kill. It somehow reminds me a little of the show hills have eyes. Anyway, at least it's a catch up with my friend.

My present acquisition assignment was a success, thank you. Just that I forgot about the card nia, so I got it from 7-eleven haha.. Not that la the 7-eleven at the cathay, the cards got wider choices.

Hmm, I shall go and swim tml morning instead of the run 'cos.. I've really not ran for such a long time haha.. I treasure my life and my sleeping time lol.. I shall give my colleagues moral support in my dreams then. Good luck. haha.. Ok time to sleep le.