♥ Ru on Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Kitty Mouse

Yeah! I've finally got my new kitty mouse today :) It's now in a cuter design but the new mouse doesn't work very well without a mouse pad. I've replaced my normal office phone with a new one hopefully, reception will be better. But unfortunately, the new phone is quite loud and I can't control the volume when talking to the person over the phone haiz..

Now I'm still thinking about whether I should get a new phone more high tech phone and remove the camera or just buy a non camera one without contract haha.. So far after I've asked the pricing, it just cost so much ans it's not exactly very worth my time buying a new one then sell it off and buy a non camera one. I'm almost better off buying a new non camera phone with contract. LOL.. it's so unbelievable.