♥ Ru on Saturday, September 12, 2009

Surprise BBQ

Haha.. Today, there's so much to do and so little time. Managed to finish the transferring of name over to my a/c for my HP. But then a bit disappointed 'cos the free caller-id is only for 3 mths sian.. That time the person say got 12 mths de leh.. but nvm la.. at least it's now ermm got 3 mths of free caller-id ba.. And my bill will be lower 'cos it's now around $20 to $25 depending on whether need to pay caller-id or not and the person waived that $20 transfer fee so ok la.. better than nothing haha.. i think it used to cost more ba.

The only sad thing is that.. why m1 dun have most of the non camera phone de.. only got 2 nokia super low end phone that I really dun like.. it's cheaper to get them via 7-eleven than to buy them from M1 loh. Sian..

The happy thing to day is that I'll be going to my friend's surprise bday bbq haha.. Should be interesting ba.