♥ Ru on Thursday, November 12, 2009

Back from Aussie

Yeah! I'm finally back from work in Aussie. It's really a difference experience there I should say.
Lesson 1:  Never drink milk that's <= 3 days before expiring. 'cos it might have turned sour and will cause stomachache. Thank you to the 2 kind souls that helped me got charcoal pills from the medic.
Lesson 2: I shall learn how to cook the various type of eggs using normal cooking pan. But I'm glad and grateful that I get to eat eggs when there's really nothing much on the table I can eat except 1 vege dish. Thanks.
Lesson 3: We do need to apply ample sun block and moisturizers in aussie to prevent sun burn and overly dry skin.
Lesson 4: Tissues are very expensive, importing is cheaper. LOL
Lesson 5: At least I managed to master the skill of finishing my home clothes washing within 10-15 mins.
Lesson 6: There are special toilets, and it's quite different to use those saw dust toilets around the area and the unique portable toilet with gear box like flushing system.