♥ Ru on Sunday, December 13, 2009

BOF 37

Was glad and happy that the team - Eureka! that we mentored for the 1st time won the 1st prize of the game. Then we had supper at Cafe Cartel for celebration :D The flyer design this time round is again won by the team that has this booklet as flyers itself. Well, I still feel that our flyers is the best despite that 'cos it's amazing to hear about someone that got the flyer from us and knock into others while reading it haha.. So it should be captivating enough. Just that 'cos it's not a booklet ba. Anyway, maybe the next time round we can try having a mini booklet type if we do want to win that prize but it's just ermm $200 nia. So maybe we shouldn't really spend too much time on such things.

From this event, I believe that there's miracles in life and it's like by working together in a team (unitedly) and enjoying doing what we are doing and have fun, it's possible to beat all obstacles. Also, upon hearing the story of blessing water can actually make a murky river become clear. I shall bless the water and food I drink and eat everyday and enjoy them. Perhaps by blessing the things around you, life will get better. By believing that  everyone is good, there will at least not be anyone bad around me ba.