♥ Ru on Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Celebrations

Went to my friend's church's christmas party this year. It was at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School in Bishan haha.. The food is nice, done by this portable kitchen. But I forgot to copy down the portable kitchen's number in case I need to order buffet in future can seek their help haha..

It's like those wedding dinner style. With lots of people in the air con hall haha. The air con is really powerful, 'cos it's quite cold actually. I like the desert, it's nice!! The fish is also very nice haha.. With games and stuff. Individual games of guessing the right phrase or song title with pics and stuff like that. Some are interesting and some are quite lame but funny haha.. For the group game, our table was the winner. cos it's about finding certain items and willing to stand up and sing a 30 secs christmas song haha.. How to ans the questions is that we must stand up and say merry christmas!! then answer the question haha.

Then there's a play about the birth of jesus. Then there's 4 dances performances. Quite interesting and funny. Then for the last dance, they invited the audiences to join them. After which is the christmas presents exchange. I've got food so should be not bad ba. haha.. At least can eat. I wonder who got my present.