♥ Ru on Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diarrhea Day zzZZ

Had diarrhea again today, maybe it's the not so well done beef I had yesterday ba. Think I shouldn't really eat such things again. But one of my friends says should eat more to train the system lol. No comments on that.

After being stuck in the loo for almost the whole morning, I decided to gave up and see doctor haha.. Well after eating the chinese medicine still haven't got it under control yet ba. So just go home and use my own loo better haha..

In the end, the clinic was actually off in the morning today. So I had to wait till like 1.30pm till the doctor finally came. Their tablet pc's touchscreen function was faulty so they ended up using keyboard and mouse instead. So still ok ba.

Ended up sleeping the entire afternoon haha.. Just woke up for dinner nia. :P