♥ Ru on Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dong Zhi

Well today I had tang yuan for breakfast. Out of 4 white ones, only one of them is sesame de. Need more luck ba I guess haha..

Then was on half day today but then well was supposed to meet a group of people but then one of them's kids are having stomach flu so that even was canceled. I originally wanted to cancel my leave but then in the end I still need to take 'cos my partner still need my help.

Had fried kway tiao for dinner at Lau Pat Sat with my partner 'cos I forgot to ask my mum to cook my share of dinner haha.. he says that he will need to go home and eat tang yuan also but his is the no filling type of hand made ones. Well, ever since my grandma left us, I didn't get to eat that anymore. I can't really tell the diff in taste ba I guess. Unless one fine day I'm bored enough to go and buy 1 pack of frozen ones then make some hand made ones myself and boil them as suggested, otherwise, I won't know what's the diff ba.