♥ Ru on Sunday, December 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning...

Well in the end, I still didn't meet my target of completion. Need to continue next week le. Haiz.. Only managed to clear off a portion of it.. Still got quite a bit to go haha..

The lesson learnt here is to stop procrastinating the clearing up process so that it would pile up to this extend and become a nightmare. Maybe also cause I side tracked quite a bit haha.. yesterday, ended up meeting my friend for almost the entire day and today ended up meeting my another friend for like half a day. I think that's why ba. I wonder where my discipline went? Need to find it so that I can have a clean room for new year!! I still got about 4 more areas of my room to pack haiz.. Can't believe this. My room is so small, yet takes so long to finish cleaning up. Maybe I should recycle less stuff so that I won't spend like so many hrs trying to maximise the amount of paper that I can recycle lol.

But for today at least my phone acquisition if completed successfully with slight issue but managed to exchange the faulty receiver part 'cos dunno why got phone can hear cannot speak one haha.. But since the nice auntie help me change le so ok le loh haha.. I think the design is quite in line with my cute mouse lol.. And I must give them a cleaner home!!