♥ Ru on Monday, December 14, 2009

Twilight: New Moon

Went for a movie with 3 friends today. And I ended up buying tickets to couple seats by mistake. haha. Now I know that the red seats are couple seats and the light blue ones are normal seats. Opps. Next time I should just get those center of the center seats and not so behind seats ba I guess. 'cos that's the last row seats, I've got lol. I always thought that should get those rows at the back of the cinema ma.

A not bad show. But it's really funny to hear those girls scream when that werewolf guy take off his shirt to wipe off the blood on the female lead's forehead. haha. But the thing about the ending is that the show really ended abruptly 'cos somehow it felt like eh.. suddenly, it just ended. I was like huh?? Then the credits appears....