♥ Ru on Saturday, January 16, 2010

Booking of Air Tix

Met my friends today, was supposed to buy the air tix for my Aussie Trip but she actually can't confirm with us that everything is on and we will be able to go so. Need another day to confirm that lol. So we extended the tix and go again next wed to buy ba. What to do? Haha.

And this coming weekend will be a very siong weekend for my wallet 'cos I've got cousin's wedding lunch (sat), 1 X friend's ROM in the morning (sun) then another 1 X friend's wedding dinner (sun). I really think that it's a lot of ppl getting married this month. 'cos I've never been to so many weddings before in 1 single month. I wonder if it's due to the year of tiger thing haha..

In Sep, there will be 1 more friend getting married and I'll be the sister again lol.. According to rumours, actually cannot be sister too many times but doesn't really matter la. 'cos another rumours says that I've already exceeded the number of times, Since exceed liao then doesn't matter le haha. I feel that exceed 1 also exceed, exceed 100 also the same ma. So there shouldn't be a difference haha.