♥ Ru on Sunday, January 24, 2010

Breath Work

Had a breath work session today and noticed that I was pretty distracted haha.. by the people around me and by the voices of people around me. Initially, I kept falling asleep. Then after that when I finally didn't I actually felt that my hands and arm was like having cramps and my entire body aches. Didn't see anything at all, it was all darkness for me. Perhaps 'cos I fell asleep for too long and was too distracted intially ba.

There are people that can actually see visions of whatever that had happened in their lives. Some felt lifted and stuff like that. As for me, it's probably more of a nothingness feeling ba. After that session, when people actually discussed about sad things, I actually not as affected was I will be before that. In fact, I sort of no longer feel much other than being able to feel happy. Perhaps it's a good thing after all. Maybe it's just today haha..