♥ Ru on Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy Day

One of my collegues' high heel, looks pretty nice I felt
Debbie's New Hair Cut!
This morning attended a ex-colleague's ROM ceremony then went to the new Mall at Tampines for shopping haha.. Bought a top and jeans like bottom but need my friend's help to keep the clothes for me cos I still got wedding dinner to attend haha..

So ended up at the Wedding dinner and found out that one of my friends also attended my cousin's wedding lunch. So coincidence but then we just didn't see each other haha... maybe blocked by the pillar or something ba.

Was a bit guilty 'cos we actually caused one of the waitress to get scolding from her boss 'cos she was a bit too slow when it comes to food serving. Haha.. actually it's quite ok de.. She just need more practice nia and we dun mind serving ourselves. But apparently, the manager minds. I think she's probably new ba. Hope that all still goes well for her. Hopefully, the next time, she'll be better at it when I ever met her at that hotel again.