♥ Ru on Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celebration Tml

Hmm will be having a celebration for my friend's pregnancy haha.. cum gathering I supposed. Will be going to Novena Square and eating ice cream after that according to the SMS reminder lol.. I guess, after all, I'll get to try that Bailey's ice cream. Yup, I'll update my colleague about the taste since she told me about it yesterday and I shall get a chance to eat it tml. Yeah!! Sounds good. Looking forward to tomorrow night haha.. Good surprise ba I guess.

I guess, after all everything also can celebrate de ba. Like today met up with a fren that I've not seen for quite long, the last time I saw was just coincidence nia. Maybe will organise more gatherings ba. If not just let my fren do the planning haha. I do prefer it that way then I just go can le haha.. Best!