♥ Ru on Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dinner @ Wisma

Went for eye brow trimming today at Brow Haus @ lvl 5 Wheelock's Place. Actually, it's really not bad as in it's fast and value for money, the service provided is actually more than the price we paid for according to the list of services provided in their flyers. Also fast => less pain. Hee..

Then we had dinner at some western restaurant where outside Wisma. Me and debbie had Western Mee Pok for dinner. We really told them we want mee pok for the noodle part haha.. So that's the western's version of seafood noodles (mee pok dry).

Nana got the Kway Tiao. Yup, we also told them we wanted Kway Tiao lol.. Not sure how to describe this dish using the chinese version name so suan le ba.