♥ Ru on Saturday, January 30, 2010

Forward Yoga

Well, after attending the forward yoga session this morning, I really felt that it's pretty much of a workout and I sweat a lot more than what I used to when I went for the yoga sessions at CC or even gyms. Also, the event is supposed to have quite a number of people but all pulled out except 2, and I'm one of the 2. At least I've a great workout haha. Need to locate my yoga mat so that I can do Yoga myself at home ba. I'm starting to like yoga again or at least I shall exercise more so that I'm more energetic and less tired.

From today's shopping when I went out this afternoon, I bought a new dress @ $28. :D I think it's quite cheap ba, given that it was bought along city link mall. And the entire shop was on SALE, everything is $28! It's called Ztyle. This is actually the 1st time that I noticed the presence of that shop. Then I also bought 2 books to read and almost done with one of them.