♥ Ru on Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fully Occupied Day

I only managed to get out of bed at around 11.30am haha.. Was originally wanted to be up at around 10am. So ended up leaving my house at 12.30pm to head towards my friend's bb full month celebration.

Reached that place at around 1.30am but none of my other friends are here yet so I had my lunch 1st haha.. Actually, there's really a lot of food! And the food is nice. That's the whole point anyway. When my friends finally came, we chatted with my friend with the baby as well, and we departed at around 6.15pm. So I was late for my swimming appointment with my other friend haha..

Ya, in the end, I went swimming -- finally. But I only managed to swim about 8 laps and I just stand there and talked to my friend lol. We are discussing about our dream lifestyle but the thing is. Actually, it's quite similar, it's just about how are we going to have that kind of lifestyle. Her suggestion was somehow similar to whatever suggestion that my other friend was suggesting during the celebration. Haiz. If that's the suggestion I'll want to implement, then it's really not fun le ma. Somehow I just didn't like that idea, haha. But it's really quite hard to explain to them why is it so.