♥ Ru on Thursday, January 28, 2010

Plaza Sing

Had dinner at Cafe Cartel today @ PS with a group of friends. Dunno why today so coincidence 'cos met 2 common friends in 1 day at the same location just after we split up and I went for present acquisition with one of my friends. Usually at most will meet say 0 to 1 uncommon friends loh.. Normally is not my friend, 'cos I quite hardly encounter friends along the way de. So it's really quite funny. And the best part is actually my friend's expression and reaction when he saw the 2 common friends. Haha.

Then, we managed to buy baby stuff for another friend's bb full month this sunday. Yup, got gift for mother and the baby. I guess that my friend got a lot more heart than me ba haha.. 'cos It really didn't occur to me that also need to buy for the mother as well de. Some more, it exceeds my budget a little ba, but still ok la. I don't buy such things so often anyway.